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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Citizenship interview disability

Instructions and Help about Citizenship interview disability

Music so what are the five most common reasons why citizenship form n400 gets denied at the interview watch and learn hello everybody this is Jacob Stefanik an immigration attorney based in San Diego California and in this video we'll talk about the five common reasons why people fail the n400 citizenship test and one of the reasons that the USCIS will deny your application reason number one failing the civics test at the interview and the English exam people can study but they do fail this exam it's more common than you think and typically if you do fail at the first time after 60 days you can go back and take in the second time and if you fail it at that point there's a high chances that your application will be denied completely so it's very important to take the time to study the test for the test there are certain exceptions to taking the English test at the interview and we'll put some information in the notes of this video but typically if you don't fall within those exceptions you have to pass the Englishness and if you don't you will fail the test you also have to to study and pass at least six out of the ten questions service questions at the interview and if you don't get those six you will fail the test again and you'll have to take it after 60 days and if you fail they will won't they'll make you refile the application and do it over again so one reason English and civics test failure the second reason is criminal background certain criminal offences in the US but also outside of the US can cause you not to be eligible for citizenship certain crimes like murder and and something drag drug trafficking will preclude you from getting your citizenship so it's really important to consult with a criminal attorney and an immigrant that understand the consequences of criminal offenses that will bar you from getting your citizenship now there are certain criminal offenses like DUI or some minor drug offenses that if occurred in the five years prior to you applying for citizenship they're also barring from getting your citizenship at that moment so for example let's say you had a DUI last year and you applied now and you have probation well you're not eligible to get your citizenship so the officer the interview will say unfortunately you pass the test but because of that DUI that you had last year you're not eligible for citizenship at that moment you have to reapply and come back in two years and three years after your probation so things like that please be careful and make sure that you consulted an attorney if you had a criminal no matter how minor it is before you apply the third reason why people fail than 4-hundred a citizenship test is because they failed to demonstrate continues and physical presence in.

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