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Common Mistakes

Inappropriate Social Security Numbers
Improper taxpayer name
Several declaring statuses
Neglecting to sign your return
Arithmetic errors

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FAQ - Form N-648

What is the purpose of Form N-648?
To determine if you are eligible for a premium subsidy under the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or eligible for a penalty for failing to get insurance. Use Form N-648 to apply for this premium subsidy. You cannot use the application to claim an exemption from your own responsibility to pay for an unaffordable, unaffordable, or inadequate health plan or that you are exempt from the ACA's individual mandate. Use N-648 to complete the premium subsidy application for you and your family on line 1 of Form W-2G, Health Coverage. What is the amount of the premium subsidy I can receive? This estimate is based on the premium subsidy amount included in your annual income before certain tax adjustments. For the 2019 tax year, this amount is 3,000 for individuals and 6,300 for couples filing joint returns.
Who should complete Form N-648?
The following persons should complete Form N648. An individual authorized to practice law. Any individual who intends to apply for and is admitted to an office of admission in any of the following jurisdictions: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia. How can I submit my response to the N-648 form? The Form N-648 is available by email, fax, or mail at Federal Judicial Center at FJC-FP-Form-N648. Your response must be sent with the “Appointment of Counsel” memo (Form N-650), as instructed in the accompanying form. What information is required from the applicant or appointee? The following information or documents may be required from a person seeking an appointment as a U.S. attorney: Name, address, and date of birth. Current social security number and the last four digits of the current year's federal income tax statement. Birthdate (within 5 days of the date the form is completed by you under oath). Address change (to a new address provided by the attorney). Payment of any applicable fees. An appointment of counsel fee is 1,000. The appointment of counsel memo (Form N-650) will be issued to the applicant or appointee. It will contain instructions about how to mail, email, or fax the letter; how it should be completed; and how it must be sent to the Office of the U.S. Attorney. Who can submit additional information? If your name is missing from the list of persons who can submit additional information to the Office of the U.S. Attorney, send a letter to the Office of the U.S. Attorney, Washington, DC 20530, attaching a statement from a lawyer or law school official, stating that the letter is a statement of your desire to be appointed as an assistant U.S. attorney. The Office of the U.S.
When do I need to complete Form N-648?
When a Form N-648 was required on a Form W-9, such as those from foreign-source income. Can my business make Form N-649 or Form N-662? A Form N-649 or Form N-662 may only be used when necessary to prepare an income tax return. If I'm required to use a Form N-649 or Form N-662, whom do I file it with? Form N-649 or Form N-662 should be filed with the filing agent for your primary taxpayer on the tax return. If a form has additional information required to be on the return, do I have to file or provide it? Form N-649 or Form N-662 is not required to be filed by taxpayers who do not file a tax return. However, taxpayers with low tax liability should file these forms. Do I have to wait until after the due date before filing Form N-649 or Form N-662 if the Form N-649 or Form N-662 is a joint return? No, the Form N-649 or Form N-662 will be filed on the earliest date allowed on the tax return as set forth in the instructions for the applicable tax form. Must I file Form N-649 or Form N-662 before the due date to obtain an adjustment for tax under IRC 6501 or IRC 6651? Yes, if Form N-649 or Form N-662 is required to obtain an adjustment for tax because of an excise tax, the taxpayer must file the form before the due date. If the taxpayer's taxable income is adjusted, the taxpayer must file the return and the appropriate Form N-649 or Form N-662 by that deadline. A return filed more than 2 business days late, even if the return shows an error, still must be filed by the due date, even with an adjustment. If I'm claiming the EIC or SSN I already filed, can I update my Form N-649 to be the EIC or SSN I filed by using the Form N-649 I already filed? Not currently. However, with IRS approval, you may be allowed to file the form using a Form N-650 and make any required corrections. If you do not want to file your N-650 with Form N-649, you can make corrections using Form N-650P.
Can I create my own Form N-648?
No. For security and privacy reasons, you are not allowed to create your own Form N-648. When you visit our service center, a Form N-648 will be on the computer screen and attached to a paper form that can be signed by you or not signed at all. When you call the number on the forms, you will hear someone's voice speak into the telephone for a while in order to verify your form. We will then call the appropriate information office and the form will be emailed to you. Does it allow me to create an individual N-648 on my own? Some states do allow individuals to create individual Forms N-648 as long as they meet certain requirements. In these states, the individual must have been a member of the military with a current military ID number, be age 18 or older, or have a current Social Security number. Some states do not allow individuals to create an individual Form N-648 if they are not a national park ranger. If you use an individual Form N-648 to apply for a concession, it will be used and processed by the concessionaire in this state. What are my next steps? After receiving your N-648 application, you will be able to download, print, or order your Form N-648 online. You will need to bring your U.S. passport, a copy of your military ID, and a U.S. form of identification (passport, state driver's license, or state photo ID) to the designated service center. You will have at least 5 days (72 hours) to verify information. After 5 days, we will take your Form N-648 and complete the rest of the process. Is there any additional information I should provide when I apply for a Form N-648? Yes. Make sure all the information on your Form N-648 is exactly as it appears on your application; any errors could affect your eligibility for a permit. If you are applying for a permit under a different use (e.g. a day use), you must provide that use on your Form N-648 when required. Do I need to bring the same information each time I apply for a Form N-648? No. At our National Park Service Centers, customers are free to pick up a copy of their application at any time after making an application on the Internet.
What should I do with Form N-648 when it’s complete?
The IRS will send Form N-648 to you and will advise you of the appropriate tax period based on your filing status. You must file the form as instructed on the IRS website. If I use Form N-648, am I entitled to claim a refund for federal income tax and FICA taxes withheld? If you use Form N-648 to report a qualified education loan, you are entitled to claim a refund for federal income tax and FICA taxes withheld from income you report on Form W-4 or Form 1040, line 27. However, you must make a claim for refund prior to the due date of your return for the year the qualified education loan is repaid. If you claim a refund for a tax year when you filed your return for a partial tax year under Form 4868, you will be required to include a certification that your claim is justified under IRC section 6724(d)(3) and (4). You may have to file Form 4868 again, if, after the refund for that tax year is claimed, you claim a refund under that form. Form 4868 will not allow you to claim a refund for a federal income tax withheld under section 6673. You are also not entitled to a refund of the state tax that is withheld.
How do I get my Form N-648?
You can send in a completed paper copy of your Form N-648 by mail or fax to the Washington Department of Licensing, Licensing Services Group, P.O. Box 9411, Olympia, WA 98504.
What documents do I need to attach to my Form N-648?
You will need to attach to the application your passport, an alien registration card, the I-94, proof of income, such as a pay stub, tax return, government document, or your social security number, Social Security card, and your student information. What form do I need on a completed N-648 application? You may use any form. The only limit is the space available in the application. The form may not exceed 1 MB. There are no penalties if you exceed the space available. May I send additional documents to support either my income or assets? If you are unable to include all of your financial information below, you may submit to support your application information you obtain from other sources, such as your tax returns, bank statements, or a letter from your employer. If you are not able to do so, you may attach supplementary documents with this application on an attached letterhead. What information can I include with the Form N-648? All information is included on the Form N-648. The following are required fields: Name of person filing Address of person filing Filing status--married filing jointly, or filing separately, divorced, separated, otherwise Date and location of birth Sex Date of birth is required on your Form N-648. Social Security number Affiliation Social Security number is required on the first page of Form N-648. Address--address line 1 Residence information Where does your residence or domicile exist? What is your current or previous address? In this example, the individual lives and works at 12095 S. Oak St., Portland, ME 04101. If you cannot provide your current address, or you cannot provide a previous address, you must attach a statement from your employer (or other document that establishes domicile) that states where you live at the time you were employed. Student Information Form Does your spouse live in the U.S.? Yes. The student must report where they live. What if you are married to an eligible individual and live outside the U.S.? If you were unmarried and lived apart from one another for five (5) years, you qualify to be an eligible individual. For example, if you had a bachelor's degree from a U.S.
What are the different types of Form N-648?
Form N-648 allows you to file a tax return for each tax year you earned income from foreign sources during the year. It may also cover any foreign source income you report on your U.S. tax return. Foreign source income is generally foreign currency income or income from sources within a country other than the United States, such as foreign investments in U.S. real estate and foreign investment funds. Is Form N-648 applicable to foreign income? No. Form N-648 is only intended to report income earned from sources located outside the United States. Income earned from sources situated in the United States is generally reported on Form 1040. Form N-648 also is not applicable to income that you earned as a U.S. citizen or resident outside the United States, and that was received by you from sources located outside the United States. Do I need to include Form N-648 with my tax returns? Yes. Form N-648 must be filed with your tax return. Can I report on my U.S. return only a certain amount of Form N-648? Yes. Although you can exclude from your income only the amount of foreign source income you report on Form N-648 and only an amount of U.S. source U.S. source interest, income, depreciation and amortization you can report on Schedule A, you can report any foreign source income or U.S. source U.S. source interest you have not reported on Form N-648. What are the requirements for Form N-648? Form N-648 allows you to file a tax return for each tax year you earned income from foreign sources. It may also cover any foreign source income you report on your U.S. tax Return. What are the main forms that are due on a Form N-648? Form N-648 must be filed with the U.S. income tax return for the year for which it is due. It is not available separately for tax years earlier than the year in which it is due. The filing deadline for a Form N-648 has changed. Can Form N-648 be delayed? Yes. Form N-648 is subject to filing and payment deadlines, including a tax due date.
How many people fill out Form N-648 each year?
This estimate is based on a variety of surveys and statistical analyses, but in order to be definitive, we will only look at the IRS's 2013 data. The IRS collects and analyzes Form N-648 annually in October, and the 2014 data was due to be released earlier this month. A report published by the IRS in October 2015, “N-649, Foreign Earned Income and Depreciation and Amortization,” provides an official tax-use estimate for foreign earned income. The IRS's 2014 data shows that 15.9 million people filed the form, an increase of 2.3 million from 2013 and the highest annual figure in the last 20 years. In 2013, 13.0 million people reported paying foreign tax on income earned abroad, up 6.0% from 2012. In 2012, the latest year that data is available, 20.9 million people filed Form N-648, or 9.7% of all tax filers. The data show that while those with earned income are more likely to pay income tax than those with investment income, they are not statistically different from those who file a single return. The data also demonstrate that it is relatively easy to file Form N-649, and, given the numbers, the IRS's decision to publish a separate Form N-648 for each foreign earned income exclusion is not surprising -- it appears that few taxpayers would have any difficulty understanding it. Who are the most likely to file a Form N-649? The IRS's data show that Americans with the highest average income are the most likely to file Form N-649 -- those who earned at least 75,000 in 2013, and about half of all filers reported earning more than 150,000. Among Americans with the highest average income, the top 10% of filers filed the most Form N-649 -- 1.0 million of them, an increase of more than 100,000 from 2012 and the highest annual number since 2009. The top 1% of filers filed an estimated 657,800 Form N-649 -- more than a third of the top 10% and more than the number of tax filers who filed a Form 1040 in 2013 (614,500). What is the most commonly stated reason for filing Form N-649? According to the IRS, the most common reason for filing the Form N-649 is to satisfy foreign earnings exclusion requirements.
Is there a due date for Form N-648?
No. You must submit Form N-648 no later than three years after the end of the fiscal year in which you receive the funds. If a tax year is extended in a special tax law for the same purpose as the extension, is the period for tax elections not to be made during the tax year the same as the period for regular elections? Yes. If a tax year has not been extended, then a special election is not due until the tax year in which it is to be made. A regular election is due at the end of the taxable year for which the extensions are claimed. Do people who pay their taxes in installments during the normal tax year and then make an election to defer their income taxes until filing their returns for a subsequent year do not have to pay a penalty in the future? The penalty only applies if the person fails to pay his/her income taxes during the normal tax year. The person who has failed to do so must pay the amount owed in the current year or pay the penalty by the latter of the following dates, whichever is later: 15 days from the due date of the return due to a regular tax year extension issued in the special tax year for the failure to pay his/her income taxes. 4 months from the due date of the return due to a regular tax year extension issued in the special tax year for the failure to file Forms N-648 as directed 8 months from the due date of the return due to a regular tax year extension issued in the special tax year for the failure to file Forms N-648 as stated in question 21. In addition, there are special rules that apply to people who file Form N-648 for the same year they elected not to pay income taxes for the previous year, then pay, for the third year, only the taxes due for the year to which Form N-648 relates and pay taxes due in the current year. Generally, an election not to pay income taxes in a subsequent year does not impose a penalty. However, in order to minimize the amount of the penalty, a person in such a situation should make an election for the following year and pay the tax due in the current year for which Form N-648 relates and pay the tax due in the other year. An election made after any period of three years to postpone filing the returns for a subsequent year shall continue to be valid and the person must then follow the procedures outlined above. A filing penalty is not imposed if a person files only a regular return.
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