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Instructions and Help about N-648 form 2020-2022

Hi I'm immigration attorney Ricky Malick and today I'd like to talk about exemptions to the English language requirement for US citizenship oftentimes I meet people who want to become US citizens but cannot or are unable to learn the English language in order to pass the US Citizenship and Immigration test for those people they have to look to determine whether they fit in any exceptions that are available that may permit them to either not take the test or take the test in their own language there's first of all several built-in rules the most commonly known are the 50 20 and the 55 15 rules that is if someone is 50 years old and has been a u.s. lawful permanent resident for 15 years then they can take the the test in their own language or they're not required to demonstrate an understanding and usage of the English language alternatively if they are 55 years old and have been a lawful permanent resident for at least fifteen years they can qualify as well another lesser known rule is and this is more discretionary but if someone is 65 years old and has been a permanent resident for 20 years then not only may they take the test in their own language they may even be exempt altogether from the civil test completely now for other people who don't qualify for the age and residency duration exceptions they may seek a medical disability waiver commonly known as an n64 8 now this process is more complex and requires that the person demonstrate with the expertise of a qualified physician or doctor that they are unable to learn the English language now many people try to do these and sometimes the problem is the n64 eight completed by the doctor is not comprehensive enough in order to satisfy the immigration officer that this person cannot learn the English language or learn the enough knowledge of the history and civics to pass a test so what I'd like to talk about are what specifically is required in an n64 eight waiver provided by a physician and that will satisfy the requirements for the Immigration Services firstly what really needs to be done is there needs to be a comprehensive finding of what is the specific problem there is something called the the dsm-v that's the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders the doctor has to be able to classify that the person falls within one of the dsm for mental disorders secondly there needs to be a detailed explanation of how this disability or impairment affects the applicant and prevents him or her from learning or demonstrating knowledge of English and/or US history and this is very important that there has to be a clear explanation further the doctor's conclusion whether the applicant is able to learn or demonstrate knowledge learn English or demonstrate knowledge of US history and facts must be documented with a clear explanation of.


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